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Aurora Series 36" - A790i

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About the Grill

Aurora Grill Features:

  • Performance, versatility, and style, comparable to the Echelon Series.

  • Diamond Sear cooking grids with a wide, flat top for optimal heat transfer.

  • Heavy-duty cast stainless steel burners with precision porting for even heat.

  • Convenient Back-lit LED control knobs and interior halogen lights for day or night grilling.

  • Reliable Hot surface ignition ensures consistent and quick grill lighting.

About Fire Magic:

  • A well-established brand with a legacy of crafting American-made premium grills for over 75 years.

  • Dedicated to delivering a luxurious outdoor cooking experience.

Aurora A790I Built-in Natural Gas Grill:

  • Generous cooking space: 792 square inches.

  • Constructed with high-quality 304 stainless steel for long-lasting quality.

  • Modern design featuring a seamless control panel, comfort touch control knobs, and LED backlighting.

  • Efficient hood design: Double-walled, spring-assisted, with a 90-degree opening for ease of access and better exhaust.

  • Precise temperature monitoring with an integrated analog thermometer featuring an angled bezel for improved visibility.

  • Powerful cooking performance: Three cast stainless steel E-burners with 1/4-inch thick walls and precision porting, providing a total of 90,000 BTUs.

  • Dependable ignition: Hot surface ignition with backup flash tubes.

  • Heat distribution and burner protection with flavor grids positioned above the burners.

  • Heat zone separators attached to the flavor grids, allowing for independent heat zones on the grill surface for versatile cooking options.

  • Innovative cooking surface: Patented Diamond Sear cooking grids with a matte, non-stick surface and trapezoidal shape for efficient heat transfer.

  • Adjustable warming rack that can be easily moved when not in use.

  • Enhanced visibility for nighttime grilling with two interior halogen lights.

  • Simplified cleanup with a disposable drip tray system, reducing the likelihood of grease flare-ups.

  • Streamlined appearance with solid, raised hangers along the sides and back, ideal for countertop or island installation.

  • Electrical requirements: A 120 VAC power source is necessary for ignition and lighting functions.

The Fire Magic Aurora A790I is designed to deliver exceptional performance and elegance, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a premium outdoor cooking experience.

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