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Blaze Professional LUX 34" Grill

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About the Grill

  • Ultimate Grilling Experience: The Blaze grill offers an unparalleled grilling experience with its advanced features and high-quality construction.

  • Efficient Heat Distribution: The 12mm hexagon-shaped stainless steel grates maximize heat retention and create flawless sear marks on your food. The grates, combined with 3 H-style cast 304 stainless steel burners, ensure superior performance and even cooking.

  • Innovative Ignition System: The Push & Turn Flame-Thrower ignition and Backup Flashtube & Crossover Channels guarantee a steady, reliable flame with every start. This system provides secondary ignition flash tubes, ensuring every burner lights up consistently.

  • Versatile Cooking: Heat zone separators allow you to create individual zones with strong flames, enhancing versatility during your cookouts. Master grilling multiple items at once with precise control over different heat levels.

  • Luxurious Design: The grill boasts a spacious 615 square feet of main grilling space, housed inside a double-lined stainless steel hood. The contoured edge adds sophistication, while the LED Illuminated Control System with red-lit knobs and internal LED lights provides an elegant touch for evening grilling.

  • Convenient Cleanup: A full-width drip pan on rollers makes cleanup effortless, ensuring your grill stays in top condition without hassle.

  • Rotisserie Kit: The included waterproof rotisserie kit pairs with the built-in infrared burner, offering added versatility and enhancing your grilling options.

  • Lifetime Warranty: With a best-in-class, lifetime warranty, you can enjoy your Blaze grill with ultimate peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable and enduring grilling companion.

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