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Blaze Marine Grade 32" LTE

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About the Grill

  • Best-in-Class Lifetime Warranty: Blaze Grills offers an impressive lifetime warranty, ensuring customers of the grill's durability and long-lasting performance.

  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction: Designed for coastal environments, this marine-grade gas grill features 316L stainless steel construction, making it highly resistant to saltwater corrosion and ideal for seaside grilling challenges.

  • Patented Triangle-shaped Searing Rods: The grill incorporates patented triangle-shaped searing rods that create an optimal surface for cooking, producing impressive sear marks on food for enhanced visual appeal and flavor.

  • Heat Zone Separators: Equipped with heat zone separators, the grill allows users to cook multiple types of food simultaneously at different temperatures. This feature enhances cooking versatility, enabling various styles of cooking within the same grilling session.

  • Full-Width Stainless Steel Flame Tamer System: The grill features a full-width, 14-gauge stainless steel flame tamer system that covers the entire grilling area. This system improves flavor, minimizes flare-ups, and reduces cold spots, ensuring even heat distribution for consistent cooking results.

  • Commercial Grade Multi-User Design: Specifically designed for multi-user environments, the grill comes with four commercial-grade cast stainless steel burners, each delivering 14,000 BTUs of cooking power. The 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner offers additional grilling versatility, especially when used with the optional rotisserie kit.

  • Spacious Cooking Area: With 715 square inches of cooking space, the grill provides ample room for grilling a variety of dishes, accommodating large gatherings and versatile cooking options.

  • Convenient Ignition System: The grill features a push-and-turn flame-thrower primary ignition, backup flash tube secondary ignition, and cross-tubes, ensuring a steady and reliable flame with every start.

  • Warming Rack and Heat Zone Separators: The removable warming rack offers a convenient space to keep bread and other food heated while grilling. Stainless steel heat zone separators create different cooking zones across the grilling surface, allowing for various cooking styles.

  • Easy Cleanup: The grill includes a full-width drip tray that makes cleaning up a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free post-grilling experience.

  • Nighttime Grilling Features: Interior grill lights and the signature red LED knob illumination system enhance visibility and ambiance, allowing users to grill and entertain seamlessly even at night.

  • Double-Lined Stainless Steel Hood: The stainless steel grill hood is double-lined, protecting the outer layer from heat discoloration and maintaining the grill's shiny and new appearance over time.

  • Power Requirement: Please note that a 110V power source is required for the operation of this grill, ensuring consistent performance and functionality.

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