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Blaze 32" Premium LTE Grill

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About the Grill

  • Affordable Premium Grill: The Blaze Premium LTE is a premium grill that offers exceptional quality at an affordable price, making it a top choice for outdoor chefs seeking high-quality grilling experiences.

  • Lifetime Warranty: This grill comes with a best-in-class lifetime warranty, providing customers with long-term coverage and confidence in the product's durability and performance.

  • Patented Searing Rods: The grill features patented triangle-shaped Searing Rods designed to create beautiful sear marks on your grilled dishes, enhancing their visual appeal and taste.

  • Heat Zone Separators: Equipped with heat zone separators, the Blaze Premium LTE puts you in control of greater cooking versatility. These separators enable different cooking zones on the grilling surface, allowing you to cook a variety of items simultaneously.

  • Durable Construction: Constructed from cast 304-grade stainless steel with no vulnerable weld spots, this grill is engineered to withstand the elements and the challenges of various menu items. The double-lined stainless steel grill hood insulates and protects the outer layer from heat discoloration, maintaining the grill's pristine appearance.

  • Reliable Ignition & Flame Tamers: The ultra-reliable Push & Turn flame-thrower ignition system, along with the Backup Flashtube & Crossover Channels, ensures a steady flame with every start. The flame tamer system minimizes flare-ups, distributes heat evenly, and instantly vaporizes food drippings, enhancing the grilling experience.

  • LED Grill Knobs & Premium Features: The grill features LED-illuminated grill knobs with distinctive red LED lights, creating a sophisticated look, especially in the evening. Internal halogen lights illuminate the grill surface at night, allowing for enjoyable grilling even in low light conditions. The grill also includes a warming rack and a removable, full-width drip tray for easy cleanup.

  • Fuel Options: The Blaze Premium LTE is available in both natural gas and propane options, catering to customers' specific fuel needs. Please note that a 110V power source is required for operation.

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